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Walk Spanish

Spanish Immersion in Mexico City


Learning Spanish here in Mexico City is not all about taking a language course. Its about experiencing our culture and way of living. There is a good reason our city was chosen by several magazines as the top destination to visit in the world during the past years, for several reasons including our gastronomy, culture, museums, art, weather and more!

Walk Spanish

Our Spanish lessons take place outside of the classroom. Our Spanish immersion courses in Mexico include activities as the following:

Walk Spanish

As mentioned, our method is based in total immersion. Learn Spanish where it is spoken by discovering the city!

  • Visits to museums and Spanish lessons in museums
  • Exploring the nicest parks to learn Spanish in a relaxed atmosphere and in nice cafes and areas
  • Visits to downtown incuding where you will learn grammar, vocabulary and history.
  • Visits art galleries.
  • Learn spanish in colorful markets
  • Learn Spanish by cooking!
walk spanish