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Mexico spanish school frequently asked questions

How to book? To book, plese fill the registration form online. For last minute bookings, please register online and show at the meeting point on Monday upon our confirmation. Please note bookings and correspondance is online, we do have a mailing address in Polanco but we dont provide information there, this is mostly for mailing, information can be provided online, by whatsapp or by calling us.

When do courses start? Where? Courses start EVERY MONDAY. We meet every Monday at a meeting point, generally: outside Starbucks located in Nuevo Leon 188, Roma Norte. We can also meet in Polanco, Roma or Condesa according to student needs and will confirm with you by email a week before your coure.

How many levels are in the class? There are different groups from beginner to advanced, its not only one big group with everyone mixed.

What time is the GROUP class? 9am-1pm Monday to Friday we dont have group class at another time, for that you can book private lessons.

Whats the minimum age to take the group course? 16

Prior to arrival, you will be asked to take a Spanish test online, which you can fill out if you are not a complete beginner, if you are a complete beginner you will be asked just for basic contact details.

No, you can take our Spanish courses as a normal tourist or visitor. No special permit is required.

majority of our students come from these countries: USA, Canada, Germany, Australia, Scandinavia, France, Brazil, Japan and Russia.

We know clients want to learn through "experiences" so our lessons take place outside of a traditional classroom. Students will learn Spanish at museums, art galleries, local cafes, parks and attractions in an immersion experience.Students also participate in interactive activities to learn. Due to COVID our group lessons are in smaller groups, lessons are outdoors and we use social distancing measures.

Each day in the morning we will meet at an easy to access meeting point, normally in Polanco, Condesa or Colonia Roma, to start the class. We will also have class in popular tourist spots like pyramids, Xochimilco, among others.

Our experience shows you will learn faster in total immersion. Also, to be honest you can learn in a classroom anywhere, but its in the country where a language is spoken that you will be able to learn faster and get immersed in the culture. Also we want clients to "know" the city at no extra tour costs. Our methodology is based on " learn and discover " , which allows you to be fully immersed in Mexico City. Class is in museums, cafes, art galleries, parks and other locations.

No, museum and location tickets prices are included in the cost. Also, if we go to a location with a car or tranfer it is included. We will meet at a meeting point each day, which will be very easy to access by public transport.

The average range is 23-40. We dont have an age limit and each week we have students in their 50s, 60s or more. If you are with a family your family can book a course altogether or join different levels, please contact us.

By then you should have completed our online Spanish test. You should arrive at 9,00am to go to your class. You will receive information about the city.If you are doing a private or general and private course, schedule would depend on the course type.

We recommend to book as soon as you have decided to take the course, this will help us organize our groups and include activities you might suggest in ou itinerary. We recommend 4 weeks so you complete a level but you can take a course from 1 week. We normally will provide a book to you for free if you book 2 or more weeks.

You receive a certificate of course completion after completing the course. This certificate has our logo and offical stamp.

Mexico City has a good transportation network connecting Condesa, Roma and Polanco (near Chapultepec park) areas. Our favorite means of transporting is by metrobus which is an upgraded bus, routes are shown in the map below (we also market in red the area where we recommend students to stay). When you book housing do check for transport options nearby!We offer for $60usd each way. But the easiest way to move around in our city and cheapest would be by Uber.